About Us
Same owner since 1985, FRP Tank Repair Inc. has been
providing quality service in FRP tank repairs. The
company comprises of a team of highly trained
professionals, licensed contractors and specialist who
are experts in fiber reinforced plastic. Trained
professionals are able to mobilize through multiple work
fields and are able to work in confined space. Crew
members are trained and certified for OSHA and MSHA
standards. FRP Tank Repair strive to provide the highest
level of service and maintains quality customer

  • 50+ years of  combined experience
  • Ability to mobilize multiple field crews
  • Licensed California Contractor
  • Safety trained and certified (OSHA, MSHA,
    Confined Space
  • Entry)
  • ASME RTP-1 Compliant
  • Full manufacturing capabilities
  • Professional inspection services
  • Acoustical Emissions
  • In-house licensed P.E.'s
Phone: 909-982-4473
Fax: 909-982-1855
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